🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Bonny Scotland…

Despite popular belief, it’s not just cold, wet weather that Scotland has to offer! Och noo!

Visit Scotland and you will find stunning lochs, rolling glens and rare wildlife – why wait?


Let’s start the Scotland section with my BUMPER BLOG covering 12 days of road-tripping: Inverness, NC500, Loch Ness, the Black Isle, the Moray Firth, Royal Deeside and Loch Fyne.

The Black Isle (albeit not an island, nor black) offers dolphin spotting at Chanonry Point, cute cottages in Cromarty and a bit of whisky-nosing to boot.

Inveraray boasts a prime location on the western shores of the amazing Loch Fyne. As soon as you first set eyes on it, you see why it’s described as ‘picture book’

Inverness is the capital city of the Highlands and has a reputation as one of the best places to live in Scotland. It’s a bustling city set amongst the quiet mountains and riverside

The Moray Firth is an inlet of the Northern Sea and sits at the top of Scotland – and, like most Scottish coastlines, is a haven for wildlife and beaches.

Loch Ness is quite possibly the most famous Loch in all of Scotland, thanks to its much sought after resident, Nessie!

The North Coast 500 is often referred to as Scotland’s answer to America’s Route 66, taking in just over 500 miles of the fantastic North Highlands coastline. 

Bubbling brooks, waterfalls, wild woodland and the impressive Grampian Mountains – just some of the reasons why Queen Victoria was so drawn to this part of Scotland and chose to make it Royal Deeside.


The Shetland Isles: If you’re willing to be adventurous (and catch an overnight ferry or flight), then the Shetland Isles may be your next trip: Dramatic landscapes, remote beaches, wildlife….and vikings!

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