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Manchester: A City In Lockdown (Part 2)

In May 2020 I decided to photograph Manchester during lockdown to capture a moment in history. Little did I know then that we would be stuck in lockdown in 2021 too….

This time around, however, there’s a much bigger glimmer of hope (hoorah) as the vaccine is being rolled out fast and June’s promise of some normality is edging ever closer. So, not one to like missing out, I decided to take one last look at the city in unfamiliar silence before life resumes.…here’s hoping there’s not a Part 3!

The photos that follow were taken by me on Monday 01 March 2021 and same as before – they speak for themselves…

Yes, we do!
Merchants Pedestrian Bridge – minus the pedestrians
Deansgate – not a car in sight
Sleepy Exchange Square
Closed: The Old Wellington
Stone Street (or Stoner Street)
Science and Industry Museum – no visitors
St Ann’s Square
New Cathedral Street – all shops closed
Sinclairs Oyster Bar, minus the crowds
Empty beer gardens, no punters
Spinningfields closed for business
The Great Northern Warehouse – not a soul in sight
Castlefield canals
Restaurants have been shut since November!
St Ann’s Square
This lockdown has taken its toll
Yes, keep smiling
The Northern Quarter
“Our Plague Dear”
Boris Johnson “art”
Andy Burnham “art”
“Loading only”
The Printworks
Cathedral Gates
Thank you…
Exchange Square
The Northern Quarter
Faraday Street
Wholesale Fish Market – doors closed
Emmeline Pankhurst
Deansgate – missing traffic
Deansgate – missing shoppers
Manchester Central Library
The Northern Quarter
The Northern Quarter
The Northern Quarter
The Northern Quarter
Royal Exchange Theatre – minus the shows
….yes they do

Well done for making it to the end! Hope you liked them.

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