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When I posted last on Southern Cyprus, I promised that the next set of 20 photos would feature the Northern side of Cyprus.

There are clear differences between the North and the South; where the South is well-established and popular with tourists, the North prefers a quieter pace of life.

See which of the two you’d prefer to visit…

Here’s the North.

All photos are my own.

This was our villa for two weeks – lovely!
You may recognise this photo! I found this old, abandoned camper van on the roadside, looking out to the sea!
The hot weather means you get some gorgeous flowers growing.
A traditional Turkish restaurant, dining alfresco of course.
Turkish meze at lunch.
The harbour at Girne.
Girne is a pretty little harbour town with boats, a castle, gift shops, bars and restaurants. Possibly the nicest town in the North.
A Girne fisherman (or a statue of).
The good thing about low-populated places? – private beaches!
Gorgeous coastlines.
Fabulous sunsets.
Donkeys on the Karpaz Peninsula.
We had an overnight stay in Villa Lembos, a sweet family-owned B&B at the start of the Karpaz and enjoyed a local Efes beer in the sun, on our little patch of garden.
Palm trees and fruit.
Lefkosa/ Nicosia is the border where the North and South quite literally merge into one. You can walk into the market and pay for one item in Euros and another in Turkish Lira.
A Turkish bazaar in Lefkosa/ Nicosia.
Spices in the Turkish bazaar in Lefkosa/ Nicosia.
Textiles in the Turkish bazaar in Lefkosa/ Nicosia.
The perfect spot to find lunch in Lefkosa/ Nicosia.
“Herbie does Cyprus”….?

It’s nice in the North isn’t it? You can read more about my time there, learn HOW you get there and see some more photos on my blog ‘Northern Cyprus and the Turkish Influence’.

More from the 2020 Series coming soon! In the meantime, check out the others here.


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