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Fed up of lockdown? Me too. I’d much rather be drinking cocktails in the sun in Cyprus. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Here’s 20 photos I found from my trips over the years, the last time being in September 2013! Has it really been that long? Wow.

All of the photos are my own.

Ahhh the villa life….
You could hear a pin drop in the garden at the villa.
When life gives you lemons – make a G&T
A scaly poolside visitor!
The best of Greek cuisine in Polis Town
If you’re after a quiet location for your break, Polis is it!
Mountains and flora
Nothing but blue sea
Moules by the sea
Paphos Harbour
Latchi Harbour
The necessities
Who doesn’t love a Greek Salad?
Coral Bay
If there was one thing I’d have liked to have packed in my suitcase, it’s this fella.
Another poolside visitor (not so scaly!)
The most stunning flowers
The biggest cactus’
An archeological dream in Paphos
The Cypriot countywide at its best

That was a nice trip down memory lane for me. I hope you also enjoyed the photos! If one thing is evident, my photography has improved since 2013!

You can catch more photos and read about my visit on my blog: ‘Lazy Days in Southern Cyprus’.

More from the 2020 Series coming soon, including Northern Cyprus up next! In the meantime, check out the others here.


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