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Happy 1st Birthday to me!

A year ago today I was sat at home looking for something to do. An hour or so later, I’d set up my first website and travel blog – just like that.

‘The Girl With A Suitcase’ was born!

If this lockdown got you like “Yeah, I’m going to start a blog today!” – go for it! But before you do, two pieces of advice from this one-year-old:

1. Brand yourself smartly: Really think hard about what you want to call your blog. Seriously, you don’t want to spend just ten minutes conjuring something up like I did. If people are going to find you on Google, you don’t want to find yourself twenty pages down, overshadowed by some low-budget 1961 girl-meets-boy movie. Be unique, be quirky, be searchable, be memorable. This is even more important if you have paid for a domain name like I did.

2. What are you writing about? We are firmly in quarantine mode right now, so a travel blog might not be the best idea if you want to get going straight away (plus it’s a bit overcrowded with the likes of little old me, all with our own stories to tell and photos to share). If you are a culinary genius, a skilled DIY-er, the funniest person you know or someone with something the world wants to hear, what are you waiting for? Get blogging. Get vlogging. Get going!

A look back over my first year…

The great thing about starting up a personal blog is that you usually have some content stored away in your head and on your camera roll already, making it super-easy to get up and running. I was lucky to visit lots of great places in 2019 and keep the content flowing as often as I could, whilst also working full time. This is a hobby, after all.

And now things have been put on a halt….and just when I was on a roll too! I was meant to go to Amsterdam last month and do a European road trip in June – both of which didn’t/ won’t happen. So instead, on my one year anniversary, I thought I’d revisit the places I have been to so far and bring some virtual sunshine into my life.

Feel free to join me…

Listed alphabetically, you might find some places that you’d like to read more about and see photos of. Who knows, they might inspire your next post-lockdown trip…

A Night in a Haunted Hotel, New Orleans, USA

Blackpool, UK

Crete, Greece

Florida, USA

Kefalonia, Greece

Lake District, UK

Liverpool, UK

Llandudno, UK

London, UK

London Pride, UK

Manchester, UK

Manchester Pride, UK

Miami, USA

New Orleans, USA

New York, USA

Northern Cyprus

Portmeirion, UK

Prague, Czech Republic

Rome, Italy

Seville, Spain

Shetland Isles, UK

Southern Cyprus

Virginia, USA

Washington DC, USA

Whitby, UK

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