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The Ultimate Florida Guide For Couples, Groups and Solo Travellers.

By Lynsey Oxton: 01 January 2020

2020? How did that happen?

Are you feeling that familiar anticlimatic post-Christmas struggle? Are those January Blues beginning to make an unwelcomed appearance? Well fear not, for I have just the remedy you need!

With the New Year here, what better excuse do you need to plan your 2020 trip to the Sunshine State and bring the excitement back?

To enjoy a lot of what is covered in this guide means having both the freedom and the inclination to venture further afield than Disney World – so that means hiring yourself some wheels and shaking off the mouse!


1. Why choose Florida?

It’s the same story every year; when people ask where we are holidaying and we say Florida, we are greeted with the same response: “Really? – Again?” and “Aren’t you bored of it yet?”

9 times out of 10, that’s from those who have never been to the glorious Sunshine State. In other words, those who just don’t get it!

For the sceptics who think that the only thing Florida has going for it is Disney, don’t believe all you hear and see on the travel adverts – have you seen the size of the State? Massive! There’s so much to explore! And that’s exactly why I’ve decided to write this ‘Bumper Blog’ – to prove that Florida is not just for families with kids; it’s actually one of the best holiday destinations for couples, groups and solo-travellers out there!

2. Finding your accommodation

First things first, you need a good place to stay; somewhere central, affordable and comfortable (and a little luxurious). That sounds like a villa to me. Orlando is a natural choice for villa rentals, due to its popularity – and there are lots of low-cost options available.if you know where to look.

Click below to see if I can convince you to choose a villa over a hotel….

3. Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside!

And especially a seaside that bakes in 32° heat! It would almost be considered rude to go all the way to Florida and skip on the beach trip – so why not jump in your hire car and drive West to the Gulf Coast, where you will find the warm waters of St Petersburg and Anna Maria Island? Or perhaps head East to the Atlantic Ocean and visit Cocoa Beach and Lauderdale-By-The-Sea?

Click below to see my favourite….

4. There are more Theme Parks in Florida than just Disney World.

No, really – there are. Even us grown-ups without kids enjoy riding rollercoasters for hours! The difference here is that we want to do them and get out – no hanging around for hours in queues, no character dining packages – just simple, smart theme-parking.

Click below to discover my top five parks (can you guess my top pick?)….

5. Hidden Gems: The Wacky and the Wonderful.

Florida is full of fantastic places to visit, up, down and across the panhandle. Take Celebration for example – a sophisticated (if not slightly eerie) Disney neighbourhood, the ever-so-posh Winter Park and the sunniest spot in the State, St Petersburg.

Click below to read about them….

6. Fun Things To Do

Yes, of course it’s tempting to lie on a beach, go shopping or hang out at your private pool all day, every day – but if you resign yourself to only the obvious, you’ll miss out on some other great stuff, such as the atmosphere at an American Football Stadium, funfairs and gator-spotting! Now that last one sounds just a bit tempting, doesn’t it?

Click below to find out what I’m talking about….

7. Eating…..and dieting?

Holidays and eating go together like Mac ‘n’ Cheese – everyone knows this. And yes, admittedly America is hardly the culinary capital of the world (we all know this too). However, with the right recommendations it’s possible to find some real treats in amongst the McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut.

Click below for some of my favourite recommendations….

8. Hurricanes!

Hurricane Season officially ‘operates’ in the Sunshine State between June and November (peaking between August and October). Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the fact that Florida and the countries surrounding the Gulf of Mexico are particularly prone to hurricanes and adverse weather, so you may want to factor this in when you’re planning when you want to go.

But hey, I’m a ‘twice-survivor’ of Florida Hurricanes (oh I love saying that!) and I didn’t let them ruin my holiday! So why should you?

Click below to find out what you can expect if a twister pays you a visit….

9. Miami

There are just some things in the rule book that you simply must abide to – and going to Miami is one of them. It’s a fair old trek from Orlando to Miami (around 4 hours in the car), but let me let you into a little secret: Flights in and out of Miami International are actually cheaper than flying in and out of Orlando (at least they are if you fly out of Manchester, UK). We now make a conscious decision to take this route and whilst it may mean a hefty drive at the start and end of the holiday, it also means you can add two extra days/ nights to your trip – as well as see one of America’s dream cities: winner!

Click below for temptation….

10. Last but not least, five things you need to know.

Because we all need a helping hand and some handy tips on the practicalities when we plan a holiday!

I hope my guide was helpful and inspired you to pick Florida as your dream destination in 2020!

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