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Kissimmee Old Town

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‘The Tourist Highway’. That is how Kissimmee (and the 192 in particular) is most affectionately known, earning its title from the countless hotels, motels, fast-food drive thru’s and tacky gift shops selling $2 Disney t.shirts that last one wear.

Second only to International Drive, the 192 is the most popular base for tourists on a shoestring – cheap, cheerful, decent transport links and plenty to keep you entertained.

Part way down the 192 is Old Town, originally built in the style of 1950’s rock and roll America. Don’t worry about missing it along the busy strip – you can’t….

When we first started going to Old Town back in 2010, there was barely anything there aside from a small funfair and a handful of tiny shops. Over time, more and more independent businesses have set up small shops and bars, growing Old Town into what is now a popular place to visit, complete with an old-fashioned general convenience store and a diner, whisking you back in time.

Within the Old Town complex is Fun Spot USA, a modern-day fairground with a traditional Ferris wheel, dodgy rollercoaster, bumper cars, arcade, crazy golf and a half-decent go-kart track.

Admission is free, you will just need to buy a wristband to ride the attractions. For example, it costs around $28 for 12 laps on the karts (the smaller rides are cheaper).

Old Town also has a couple of rides for the daredevils out there; the 360 foot Slingshot for example, which sends you high into the sky in a matter of seconds via a giant elastic band (or so it feels). Great fun! There’s also the Sky-coaster which mimics a bungee jump. Both are priced independently of the main fairground rides.

Every weekend Old Town hosts two of the longest running car shows in America – the Muscle Car Cruise and the Classic Car Cruise. What could be more thrilling for petrol-heads who get turned on by motors, not Mickey?

The muscle car cruise runs every Friday night, where some of the most high performing vehicles can be found in one place. Ferrari’s, Mustangs – you name it. Owners and enthusiasts from near and far come here to showcase their prized possessions. The cars start arriving around 4pm, with the cruise taking place through Main Street at 8.30pm. Not to be missed (if you like cars!).

Saturday night sees the turn of the classic cars, where you can enjoy seeing some of the finest classic hot rods and vintage cars.

Again, the cars start turning up around 4pm and this place gets seriously packed – parking spaces are few and far between. So, if this is on your itinerary, get there early.

In fact, if you are there early and have a wait before the cruise, why not grab yourself a margarita and some ‘tasty’ gator bites from Southern Breeze? Oh you know you want to! What does gator taste like? – rubbery chicken!

Old Town is the place to visit if you want some lighthearted fun in the sun – so what are you waiting for?

Kissimmee Old Town is just a short drive South of Orlando, on the 192 or via exit 25 from the I-4 – and a mere 15-20 minute drive from the villas in Davenport and Haines City.

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