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The Girl With A (New) Suitcase!

……And not just one – but three!

Written by Lynsey Oxton

These beauties arrived this afternoon from KitKase. I didn’t really need three new suitcases – I didn’t even need one! – but there are some occasions whereby I reckon you just have to treat yourself. And so treat myself, I did.

If the colour, Aqua (or ‘Tiffany Blue’ as I like to call it), wasn’t fantastic enough, the cabin case also has a USB charger socket so you can charge your phone on the go. Modern travelling indeed.

…..oh and it’s next stop Miami – so I couldn’t just rock up with any old case, now could I?

Why the bee?

The KitKase’s originate from Manchester, where the worker bee has long been the iconic symbol. First introduced in 1842 as part of the cities coat of arms, it was given to Manchester due to its industrial past of textile mills, known to be a ‘hive of activity’. Anyone visiting the city will see the bee symbol almost everywhere; the Printworks (a popular cinema and dining spot) even houses urban bee keeping, making its own honey. Following the Manchester Arena bombing on 22 May 2017, the bee became the symbol of unity and defiance and has come to be a sign of Manchester’s strength.

You’ll find the Manchester Bee all over the city!

If you want to grab yourself one (or three) of these delightful travel must-haves (a favourite with the celebs too!), then visit the Kitkase website.

Don’t forget to buy your tags too!

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