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A Day in DC 🇺🇸

Written by Lynsey Oxton

It was always on my Bucket List: Washington DC, capital of the US of A and centre of it ALL.

I was lucky enough to get a day trip whilst staying in nearby Alexandria on a work trip. Of course, it wasn’t possible to see all that DC offered in just a day, but we had a blooming good go (with the help of a ‘hop on, hop off’ bus)!

Despite the crisp day (early November), the skies were blue and it was perfect for having a gentle meander and taking in the city.

Typically Autumnal, the streets were lined with fallen leaves, the colours of which were stunning!

You can’t expect it to all be perfect when you’re just there for a day, but Obama (this was 2014) was clearly having a garden party, rudely obscuring my view – and the United States Capitol was not looking its best. But did I care?

We had been told that we HAD to go to the famous ‘International Spy Museum’. We found this just off Independence Avenue, right next to a multitude of gift shops selling anything and everything ‘FBI’.

Inside the museum we found artifacts dedicated to the thrilling mysteries of espionage. If you want to escape into the enticing world of James Bond for an hour or two, for the sum of around £15 per person, this is the place you want to be! Don’t forget to stop in at the gift shop and pick up your own ‘Truth Serum Decanter’ or ‘How To Be A Spy’ idiots guide.

A whistle stop tour perhaps, but it was a tick off my (long) list nonetheless. Having only spent a mere day in the Capital, I can’t really provide many tips for your stay – but what I can say is that if you’re looking for a big city break in America, minus the hustle and bustle of NYC, DC is a good starting point.

Washington DC is only a short train journey or taxi ride across into Virginia so to me, it makes sense to combine two trips into one.

If you have time, read my short blog on ‘Sweet Virginia’ too!

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