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Sunshine and Seville ðŸ‡ªðŸ‡¸

Written by Lynsey Oxton

Stunning Sevilla! I wasn’t expecting to love this Southern Spanish city quite as much as I did. Then again, who couldn’t, with such vibrancy around every corner?

We stayed in a fantastic apartment slap bang in the middle of the City; a stroke of luck I think. For those wondering, it was Sevilla Luxury Rentals, Horno Santa Cruz and it comes highly recommended – check out the roof terrace too; ideal for a pre-evening (or post-evening) sangria!

The apartment was just a 5 minute walk from the amazing Real Alcazar Royal Palace, with stunning gardens that you could happily hang out in for hours (even us ‘young ones’). It’s also home to some of the scenes in Game of Thrones. Definitely one for the itinerary!

Despite not relishing in the thought of a bullfight, we did decide to visit the Plaza De Toros/ Maestranza de Caballeria which has been there since the 1700’s and is a huge part of the Spanish culture. We did the general tour which was fascinating and only around £20 each. When the guide opens the gates to the bullring, it’s incredibly impressive in scale and in colour.

In the older part of the city stands the ‘Metropol Parasol’, a 2015 sculpture by Juergen Mayer which looks like a giant honeycomb. For the sum of around £5, you can walk to the top, grab a pina colada and soak up the rays.

We visited in early July and almost all of the city seemed to be decorated in flowers – none more so than the Parque De Maria with its many fountains, lakes and terraces. Entry is free (it’s a park) and it’s a really nice way to spend a few hours and burn a few calories!

If I had to tell you to go to one place in Seville, it would be the Plaza De Espania. Again, another fee free place that we just happened to stumble upon. Grand architecture and a real feel of Venice. If like me you love taking photos, this place is a dream. There’s a war museum here that’s worth a look and the setting was used in the Lawrence of Arabia film – I’m only surprised it’s not been more widely used in film as it’s stunning.

Ok, if you’re on a tight timescale or budget, I’d say to give the Catedral De Sevilla a miss. This may just be me of course, but the £25 or so entrance fee didn’t really seem worthwhile. Instead, why not spend your money on an espresso martini at the Hotel Dona Maria rooftop bar – and just admire it from the outside?!

And of course, if there’s one thing that Spain does best, it’s paella and tapas (with a large jug of sangria to wash it down). Generally, the tapas was of similar standard everywhere we went (standard being REALLY good) – but if I could rave most about one place, it was La Escalona which had a fine dining feel, minus the price tag.

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