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It’s All Dutch To Me: A Weekend in Den Haag πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

Written by Lynsey Oxton

A friend now lives in Den Haag (or The Hague as I’ve always known it) and invited me, my chap and some friends over for a weekend. Despite it being possibly the wettest weekend of the year to date, it was great to explore somewhere new – albeit much of the time was spent in bars (for shelter, of course).

We started off in Scheveningen, a seaside resort complete with a pier, esplanade and lighthouse. Perhaps more apt for the summer months, there were also some trendy little ‘pop up’ restaurants adorning the beachfront with wonderful big fire pits, welcomed in the freezing cold weather.

We also managed to fit in a game of bowling – something I’d not done since about the age of 16 – and which showed in the scores. Check out those sexy shoes though….

Our next port of call was Den Haag – a super pretty city and quite unlike Amsterdam (less canals, more formal and no whiff of coffee shops around every corner). No doubt, it would have been even more spectacular in better weather. I think that means I’ll have to return again soon….

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